Inaccessibilty to Political Events Open to the Public: Oak Hills Country Club and Omaha Press Club

While attending the below event for Senator Fischer hosted by the MBA, I noticed that the facility that was used in the lower level was not accessible to persons with mobility impairments. While there was another entrance to the lower level, it was not obvious, was locked, had no accessible parking nearby and had a gap from the sidewalk into the building and other concerns.

This item, of hosting political events open to the public in settings in which all cannot attended because of the lack of accessibility is an item that I am told will go on the agenda when the Oak Hills Country Club Board meets later this month. Prior to this, the meeting with Omaha mayoral candidates was held in a different location at the Club that was also not accessible by being up a flight of steps.

Making this more awkward in this day and age recognizing civil rights for persons with disabilities, I was asked by staff of the Oak Hills Country Club, “Are more of you (disabled) coming?”

Another location of importance for political gatherings and events around town that is not accessible is the Omaha Press Club. I attended an event previously there and was shut out of the main hub of activity with stairs. The candidate running for office noticed this and graciously spent time with me individually and a couple that joined me on a level accessible without stairs.

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