HHS Ruling: Comment

We are moving an earlier comment sent to the About Us page and putting it here. Both sides are welcome to comment.

Thank you to the author for the below comment. It helps people understand that many feel that this ruling does violate the right to practice a religion by forcing the participation in practices that go counter to several faiths, whose beliefs include that taking the life of a child is wrong regardless if the child has been born or is yet to be born.

Ann Marie Bowen on March 8, 2012 at 8:01 PM said: There is no way to say more strongly how much we are confused, disappointed, disgusted and shocked, by the unAmerican act of a mandate from our national HHS, that forces non-profit and even religious entities to pay for, through their insurance plans chemicals that do not cure a woman of any disease, but the sole purpose is to abort her unborn child. This is nothing but an intrusion into the religious rights, of our nations citizens. Besides coercing those who understand that the chemicals in Ella, Plan B and RU486 and other abortifacients, not only take the life of an unborn human, but harm women, even cause death.