TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline: “Permanent” Nebraskan Jobs Number

Our research into different views and aspects of the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline continues.  As many people know who are watching this closely, whether or not a Keystone XL pipeline runs through Nebraska and what  route there would be, if approved,  has not been decided in a definitive fashion. The  recent choice by President Obama to deny permission for the pipeline merely changed the arena for this battle. The fight either way, of getting or stopping the pipeline  is not over and will most likely continue with bills in the House and Senate.

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January 27, 2012

Veterans Roundtable with Congressman Lee Terry
Bellevue Chamber: DJ Dugout
Bellevue, Nebraska

A special thank you goes out to Congressman Lee Terry for visiting  in Bellevue, Nebraska to discuss veteran affairs and other areas of interest, including the pipeline.

Thanks to Congressman Terry,  our Nebraskan Politics blog finally has some number to associate with “permanent” Nebraskan jobs.

“Permanent” for purposes of this topic and our blog is defined as jobs that last the lifetime of the pipeline, so those do not include “temporary” jobs such as those needed for the construction of the pipeline.

Congressman Terry estimates that not more than 30 Nebraskan jobs would be created by the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline.

Special thanks also goes out to the Bellevue Chamber for hosting and facilitating another great and informative event.

Nebraskan Politics Interviews on TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline

Our interviews on the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline will continue next week with Bill McKibben of We have requested interviews with others including TransCanada and the Nebraska State Chamber of Commerce.

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-Why do you feel President Obama decided to delay a decision on the pipeline until after the election?

– How did the protest in Washington DC factor  in President Obama’s choice to delay his decision until after the election?

-How does a decision either way by  President Obama  impact his support or help or hinder those in his party be elected?

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Nebraskan Politics Interview: Bold Nebraska on TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline

Nebraskan Politics Interview:
Ben Gotschall for Bold Nebraska
January 3, 2012
Part Three

NP: What did you think of the protest in Washington DC?

BG: They were an enjoyable, effective and important experience.

NP: Do you think it was effective in getting President Obama to delay the decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline?

BG: Yes.

NP: What do you think of President Obama’s choice to delay the decision until after the elections?

BG: I think it was partly practical and partly political.  Although I think the process needs to be more careful and deliberate, I also think there is enough evidence to deny the pipeline now on the grounds that it is not in the national interest.

NP: What do you think the decision will be and why?

BG: I think he will deny the permit because of the failure of the Environmental review process and the politics involved–because if he doesn’t he will be alienated from his base supporters.

NP: Please respond to these statements:

-The Keystone XL is inevitable and nothing can be done.
BG: That’s what they said two years ago and here we are–its future is uncertain.

NP: -Some people claim that the fight is over or the fighting spirit has been diffused with the decision to delay. What would you like to say to them?

BG: Come to Nebraska and see what the attitude is.  One thing we pipeline fighters have learned through this experience is that we can be strategic.

We’re biding our time, making the most of the delay and strategizing for an ultimate victory.

NP: What can be done?

BG: Much more.  Everyone plays a small part.  Every little thing counts.

NP: What plans does Bold Nebraska have to continue?

BG: We will build on existing networks, add to existing funds and work with our allies to fight this pipeline to the death.

NP: How have you used the Internet and social media to get your message out and connect with others?

BG: We use email, facebook and twitter every day to organize and inform our networks.

NP: How effective do you think that has been?

BG: It has been very effective, mostly because it is so rapid and widespread.

NP: If people share beliefs that you have, how can they help stop the pipeline?

BG: Write a letter to Obama asking him to deny the permit.  Vote for candidates that will not allow this kind of thing to happen again.

NP: Please list the different ways that people can connect with Bold Nebraska to learn more.

BG: our website:

This concludes our interview.