Dear NebraskaNs and Others:
     Out of all the states I lived in, Nebraska was the only one I wanted to call home! I am proud after about ten years of trying to finally call myself a NebraskaN and have been enjoying the "good life"and working hard!
     This website has been started to learn about politics in Nebraska and to be a resource to others to learn about what is going on in Nebraska. The plan is to include information, details and analysis on parties, elections, ballots, referendums (referenda), candidates, initiatives, amendments, bonds and more.
     No doubt you have noticed by now the capital "N" at the end of each time the word "NebraskaN" is used in this open letter. That is to help emphasize that this is a website by NebraskaNs and for NebraskaNs.
     As such, please volunteer to help the website grow. We are looking for everyone, Democrats, independents, Libertarians, non-partisans, Republicans, etc. to help make this a great website and tool to understand politics in and for Nebraska.
     Please contact us to volunteer and to write for this website, to contribute ideas, send candidate information and to just chew the fat. Enjoy.